Thursday, July 23, 2009

Six Months in a Leaky Boat

It feels like it's been raining for days but what's left of my short term memory says it's only been about 12 hours. That's long enough for everything to become thoroughly soggy. Clothes, carpet, bedding, dogs... And there's nothing like curling up in a soggy bed with two wet dogs for the night. We got caught in the start of the onslaught on our way home last night. And so it is further disheartening to wake up to a pool of dog vomit on your favourite pillow when you've already been sleeping under a leaky hatch the whole night with two wet dogs and a drippy duvet. And by favourite pillow I mean the only dry one you rest your head on. The pile of wet dirty things is mounting, bringing me perilously close to doing a load of laundry. And the weather forecast promises days of more rain. I've got a little old ceramic heater I found by the garbage running in the cabin to make a small dent in our dampness. We are going to round up a pair of raccoons, swallows, spiders, gnats and coyotes and launch our ark this afternoon. And because I opted to celebrate happy hour rather than buying groceries, rations are low. Instead of cereal, toast and a frothy soy latte for breakfast, it's two tomatoes and plain green tea. That would be a great breakfast if I was at a yoga retreat in India, but I'm trying to launch an ark in Lake Ontario, dammit.