Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Feeding Time at the Zoo

Feeding time at the zoo is an elaborate ritual for the dogs starting with the first pangs of hunger, which prompts the staring, which usually rouses me to get the bowls, open the fridge, mix up some food, and crinkle crunkle the kibble bag. By this point, the pack is in a near drooling frenzy. Any dog whisperer would tell you that the dogs need to be in a state of submission before being fed. And because there is no actual jumping or whining involved, I would call their state just a highly anxious state of submission. Once the bowls are loaded, Ira is a delicate little eater, nibbling on each grain of rice. Sadie remains feral in some matters like food and gulps down her Senior Kibble almost before the bowl hits the floor. Then she waits patiently for the Yorkie to finish his food, for the final scene, whereby she sneaks in to lick Ira's bowl clean, in case he forgot anything. She is usually rewarded with a few grains of stray rice. And then Sadie goes back and licks her own bowl. Then back to Ira's bowl. Repeat ad infinitum until the bowls are removed by the pesky human.