Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Fierce Policy of Indifference

When people see the two dogs together in close quarters, they invariably croon, "Oh, they must love each other so much." Wrong. Theirs is a case of familiarity breeds indifference. Ira was around for nine years before Sadie came along. And now he wonders how he got shackled to a hefty old blond at this stage of life, his figurative ball and chain. The dogs are not 'cuddled' together in the back of a car because they love each other, there's just nowhere else to go. Ira spends a lot of calories searching for resting spots that are physically higher than Sadie. Indeed, one often finds little dogs elevated as high as they can get above sea level; it does much to ease their cute little Napoleon syndromes. Ira's policy of indifference is a vast improvement over the state of affairs when they first met. Any accidental touching on the part of Sadie was usually rewarded with a fierce snarl. It doesn't help that Sadie is clumsy and not familiar with the concept of 'play'. She might pursue a more meaningful relationship with Ira if she had an iota of canine emotional intelligence, but for now, their relationship seems destined only to the realm of tolerance.