Friday, June 5, 2009

Ira's Porthole

Ira likes to set up a window-based 'control tower' wherever he lives in order to keep an eye on the outside world. He has claimed a small porthole on the side of the boat from where he can see the main dock and every person or dog or bird who happens to pass by. This morning, my neighbours were launching a little dinghy from the main dock into our basin. I ran over to see if they needed a hand. Their big old happy-go-lucky dog 'Buddy' was running around too, clearly excited that his dog-sized boat was launching. I'm over on the main dock, about 100 feet away from Ira, but I'm right in his line of vision through the porthole... And ringing throughout the marina is the shrill bark of the Yorkie, unimpressed with proceedings. But Ira doesn't bother to come out on deck or try to follow me and bark in person at the goings-on. He just remains onboard, barking away madly from the convenience of his porthole, aka, the control tower. Why venture out when you have your own porthole?