Wednesday, June 10, 2009

George the Surly Swan

George the Swan frequently patrols the marina, instilling fear into the hearts of geese, ducks and sometimes kayakers. He's been known to chase all three with a vengeance. Rumour has it that George's nest is on the west side of the docks and while his mate is sitting on her eggs, George wanders around scavenging for food and other entertainment. He appears most frequently during dinner time, when the scent of barbeque is heavy in the air. He usually paddles around lazily with one leg, the other tucked up under his wing. In boat terms, the slang for having one engine is 'single screw'. Two engines is called 'twin screw'. When George is paddling around more aggressively with two legs, perhaps in a hurry to hiss at a dog dockside, we say, "Old George is twin screw today'.